About Us

A digital real state marketing platform that is established to undo the myth of the word, “RISK” when it comes to real estate market. DealsAbaad’s aim is to provide confidence and integrity to people to trust this industry specially overseas investors. People who are located in Pakistan can easily visit and satisfy their ambiguities and fears but what about overseas investors? Due to lack of commitment, lack of information and uncertainties, overseas investors resists in investing property online. We envision an online market place for local and overseas investors where they can buy, sell or rent out property.

We believe in the phenomenon of life, until the heart beats, a person lives; similarly at DealsAbaad we try to live everyday by re-inventing our processes conducting research, adapting change, tapping creative platforms, bringing-in technological novelties and finding out innovative solutions to all our clients who buy and sell properties.

Our objective doesn’t revolve around offering or locking a fancy deal or selling a property only. With diversified services that we offer we try our best to provide the optimum solution to your problem and recommend something of value. We strongly believe that it is immense to have a personal approach when interacting with clients, as it gives a comprehensive understanding of how well we can serve them in choosing a property, either commercial or residential.


We envision ourselves a global digital real estate marketing platform that provides confidence to it’s customers by providing variety of deals. We are passionate about providing extra value that others simply don’t. Our core competency is the diversification of services that we provide that make us unique from others.

To be Pakistan’s leading digital realty agency managing largest portfolio on property investment including buying, selling and rental services for local and overseas Pakistanis and equipping ourselves with the latest trends of technology.


We are a believer in great integrity and constant results. Our mission statement clearly defines our true purpose as a digital real estate company.

To provide extraordinary digital solutions to local and overseas investors on their property investments based on real time information.


Our core values are less corporate and more personal as we believe that services are always provided to rule the hearts rather than making money.


It’s not what you do it, it’s how you do it matters the most. DealsAbaad believe in creativity. The more you use creativity, the more you will have it. We believe hiring a human resource is easy but fetching creativity from that human resource is an art. Because of that art DealsAbaad remains stand-out in the market.


We believe the biggest success of any company is the trust of their customers and employees. At DealsAbaad we don’t conceal anything from our clients, we always provide clear and transparent information so our clients make right choices. We trust that the only way to rule the hearts of your customers is to provide them trust.


We are always committed to provide smart investments and innovative ways to our clients. We don’t stagnant to one strategy; we try to come up different experiences to recommend the best solution. We strongly believe that if we offer something new everytime; this will surely make a difference.


We don’t offer services but we form bonding with all our stake holders either they are our clients, employees or third parties. We try our best to give maximum efforts to let them have extraordinary experience.