Posted On: January 10, 2022

Want to buy a plot in Karachi or elsewhere in Pakistan? A plot is the most precious asset anyone can have and everyone has a dream to own a property at some point in their life.

Real estate investment is known as one of the most stable investments which returns with a handsome profit. However, it can also turn into a disaster if you don’t have any knowledge or experience in this field.

So let us guide you through the following steps which will help you buy the best property in Pakistan without any frauds and scams which many buyers face due to the lack of knowledge about it.

Awareness of location

The most important part of buying any plot is knowing the area where you want to purchase a property because every location has its own price depending on its features and fame.

For instance, if you compare the value of a 400-yard plot in Shah Faisal and DHA, you will find a huge difference in the price as the cost of the property varies from region to region.

So, location is the factor that you should consider before anything else. First, research and pick the location that suits your budget and needs, and then start searching for a house in that particular area.

Property value

Buying a property isn’t a big deal but knowing its actual value is the real thing because in many cases the seller quotes higher prices and tries to trap you if you don’t know the actual value of the property.

To avoid this trap, you must ask the locals about its estimated price and the history of that property so you will get the idea of its average price. Besides, you should contact the real estate experts to find out the property’s actual market price.

Future plan

After visiting an under-construction society, if you get a vibe that it will be a fruitful investment due to its modern community standards and maintenance, you should include it in a whitelist. However, if you don’t get any positive feeling after the visit, you should place that society on your grey list.

Explore the developer

If the person who sponsored you to buy the specific property is respectful and honorable, there is a high possibility that the developer he is promoting will also be good and skilled.

Still, what you should do is to investigate the developer and its other projects and constructions he has created in the past and how he is working currently.

If you are satisfied with this developer, give a green signal and kickstart the project. But, if you don’t get the satisfaction, you should look for another developer instead of depending on the developer suggested by the sponsor.

Meet the owner

If you are satisfied with the above investigation you did, the very next thing you should do is to meet with the property owner face to face to vanish all the possible hurdles that may occur, and clarify even the minor details and reconfirm the information you have.

If the seller is crystal clear in his dealing, try to negotiate the price as much as you can because a good seller always quotes higher prices which can be easily brought down. Besides, always remember that negotiation is the game of words so always try to use your magic words to save your precious money.

Deal with agent

Finding a good estate agent is like a blessing these days because most of the agents just simply convince you to buy a property that you’re not much satisfied with, just to get some commission.

Besides, they would enlarge the cycle of agents so they can rip more money from you. So, try to enhance your negotiation skills and always remember to fix the agent’s commission before signing the deal.


The most important factor that you need to consider is the legal conflict. Exchanging a document is not a real deal but verifying it is the one that matters the most because, in Pakistan, it’s not hard to make fake documents.

So, don’t get fooled by any fake documents and make sure to verify them. At the same time, you must be confident that this land is free of any legal disputes to keep yourself away from all the hustles in the future.


In Pakistan, there is a certificate known as the No Demand Certificate (NDC), which proves that the property doesn’t have any dues or taxes. So, before signing an agreement, make sure to get this certificate. To obtain this certificate, both the buyer and the seller has to visit the society office and apply for the issuance of NDC. To apply, the following documentation is required:

  • Photocopy of the allotment letter
  • Photocopy of the buyer’s NIC
  • Photocopy of seller’s NIC
Transfer letter

During the property purchasing process, you must ensure that the purchased plot is transferred to you and also whether it is mentioned on the paper or not with your name on the transfer list. However, the required documentation for plot transfer includes:

  • Affidavit of the buyer
  • An agreement to sell the plot
  • Photocopies of 2 witnesses
  • Original document of the statement issued by the account office on payment of dues

When the deal is finalized, an agreement takes place between both parties and it is the most important part because at this stage you can’t turn against the words written agreement.

It contains the amount a buyer paid to the seller and the pay order number or cash. Besides, an agreement also contains a pay stamp with a duty of 5% of the property’s total price and membership fee.

Both the buyer and a seller are requested to issue a copy of the agreement. It may sound useless but the record of anything is good. Lastly, make sure to visit the police station to preview if there is any NOC (no-objection certificate) issued on that property.

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